Proposals and Pricing for Consultants

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SCORE New York City

WHEN: Monday, January 8, 2024

For new and established consultants who need to write proposals to do business.

Many new consultants have no idea of how to price their services, and established consultants may undervalue their own worth.  

Get guidance on how to price your services and write proposals.

 A marketing strategy/marketing research expert and SCORENYC Mentor will provide you with practical tips on how to price services and write proposals that work for both you and your clients. 

Gain the knowledge and resources to: 

  • Describe what to include and what to exclude while writing a proposal 
  • Avoid scope creep in proposals you draft 
  • Effectively describe activities, timelines and deliverables in your proposal 
  • Incorporate payment terms and schedules in your proposals 
  • Calculate a fair price for services rendered based on experience, industry standards, and the realities of how a consulting practice operates

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