Preview Session: Sales & Marketing Workshop B2B G-S-C (Growth, Sales & Customers)

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WHEN: Sunday, January 3, 2021

Preview Session on Sales & Marketing (B2B G-S-C (Growth, Sales & Customers) is meant for Start-ups interested to get core elements of growth in place and build a foundation for scaling up the business to the next level.

Join the Preview Session to know complete details on the upcoming workshop on Sales & Marketing Workshop, scheduled for 17-21 January.

Topics to be covered in the Workshop are –
– Understanding growth and Sales best practices
– Go-to-market, Sales growth approach, customer segmentation and loyalty
– Business models, Direct and Indirect (Distribution Channels) ways to market
– Overall Pipeline: Market to potential customers ( Lead Management) , Potential customers to orders ( Opportunity Management)
– CRM considerations for creating the foundation of growth


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