NO MORE HARD WORK - Living 2021 in Ease and Flow

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WHEN: Saturday, February 27, 2021

*Would you like to find a way for work to be the best part of your day?

*Do you ever think there must be an easier way to earn a living?

*Are you thinking about turning your passion into a business?

*Are you ready to put joy, ease and play back into your work?

Whether you work for yourself or somebody else, work doesn’t have to be WORK. With a few changes to your perspective, work can be light and fulfilling.

Or maybe you’re done working for others and you’re ready to do something on your own by making your passion your work? Or maybe you haven’t identified exactly what it is yet, but you definitely want to start something of your own?

Either way I’m here to share some ideas and tips that can realign your mindset around the concept of work.

In this one hour webinar I’m going to share how we’ve been programmed to think about work and how “work” was intended to be from our creator.

We are going to rethink how you work and focus on what would really make you happy. The key is to disrupt the habits and habitual thinking you’ve created around all that you do in your work day.

Then we can look at ways to build happiness, joy and play into your day. That will shift your perspective from I have to go to work to I get to have fun today.

This event is an opportunity to open yourself to new possibilities for your workday that hadn’t occurred to you before. Possibilities that will provide deep inner connection to your guidance and creativity.

By using work to connect to yourself on this level you open yourself to the possibility of experiencing daily peace, calm, and fulfillment.


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