New to Sales

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Jade H.

WHEN: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

New to sales? This public Meetup will help you if you’re new to sales or just in a new sales opportunity. No sales experience necessary. And those with sales experience are welcome.

The basics never get old, and they’re never enough. Topics of discussion will be…
Getting Attention
Keeping Attention/Conversation Skills
Establishing Rapport
Qualifying/Gathering Information/Identifying Needs
Inoculation/Handling Objections
Competitive Situations
Closing/Keeping the Sale
Getting Re-Orders, Up-Sales, Cross-Sales, and Referrals
Goal Setting
Time Management/Procrastination
Emotional Control/Success Psychology
Controlling the Sale
Getting Past the Gatekeeper
Setting the Appointment
Social Media and Technology
Persuasion/Verbal and Non-Verbal Language

This highly interactive public 40-minute Zoom event will be part presentation and part group interaction. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback.


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