New to Sales - How to Open a Sales Opportunity

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Small Business Incubator Meetup

WHEN: Wednesday, June 2, 2021

New to sales? Suck at sales? This public Meetup will help you if you’re new to sales, in a new sales opportunity, or just want brush up. No sales experience necessary. And those with sales experience are welcome.

The basics never get old, and they’re never enough. Topics of discussion will be…
Getting Attention
Keeping Attention/Conversation Skills
Establishing Rapport
Qualifying/Gathering Information/Identifying Needs

This highly interactive public 40 minute Zoom event will be part presentation and part group interaction. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback.

Jade Handy has 30+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and salesperson. He’s sold more things more ways that you have. He’s a startup business coach, sales trainer and business community connector. Jade has led over 300+ meetings helping people just like you build their businesses and sales. Jade will choreograph the process of teaching, sharing and extrapolation for optimal learning.


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