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WHEN: Thursday, March 21, 2024

As technology advances, the role of the human evolves. With these changes, it becomes ever more important to involve the end-user directly in technology design from the conception of the idea to the delivery, maintenance, and sustainment of the final product. In addition, advances in policy to incorporate Human Systems Integration (HSI) planning in defense acquisition (such as the publication of DOD Instruction 5000.95) require supportive and informative discourse about how HSI can be successfully planned and implemented within DOD platforms across their lifecycles. This year’s Human Systems Division conference will feature conversations related to implementation of HSI within existing defense platforms, as well as an activity designed to help designers and acquisition managers keep pace with the evolving role of the human in order to meet user needs and minimize lifecycle costs. In addition to this discourse, we will hear from industry, Government, and academic partners about ongoing HSI work and how the evolving role of the human leads to new dynamics between warfighters and the systems they use.

This conference is one way that the Human Systems community advocates for the implementation of HSI across defense programs, and more broadly provides opportunities for education, consultation, research, and collaboration with regard to the integration of human systems.


Arlington, VA

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