Microsoft Collaboration Framework: Collaborating Cross-Cloud

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Microsoft 365 Meetup for Government

WHEN: Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Collaborating in highly-regulated environments is often hampered by policies that restrict access. This is especially true for US Government cloud service offerings such as Microsoft 365 Government (GCC) and (GCC High), where external sharing is often disabled or discouraged. In this session, we will cover the Microsoft Collaboration Framework, spanning complex organizations with multiple tenants, to safely sharing with external parties. We will introduce new capabilities of the M365 platform, such as Cross-Tenant Access Settings and Cross-Cloud collaboration. This will include an introduction to several Identity reference architectures to support the framework.


Richard Wakeman – Chief Architect Aerospace & Defense, Microsoft

Hosted By:

Andrew Kagan – CTO, Planet Technologies

Nicholas Giard – Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


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