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WHEN: Thursday, January 9, 2020


Discover the MAGIC of Marketing – and how to “cast a spell” to make all the new clients and cash you desire APPEAR!

Does it seem like everyone is getting business EXCEPT you? Are you wondering if the internet could be a great marketing tool – if only you knew how to use it better? Feeling like you missed something while you watch your competitors reap the rewards of social media marketing? Love what you do, but haven’t figured out how to monetize it so you can quit your “day job”? YOU MUST ATTEND THIS SERIES!

This ongoing Marketing Training series for small business owners, practioners, and solopreneurs presents a different technique at every class that you can implement immediately to create more visibility and increase profits for your unique offer.

If you’ve been frustrated or bewildered by the whole marketing idea, or just don’t understand why it doesn’t seem to work for your biz, we can help! Join us on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month as we reveal the secret MAGIC of Marketing – evern on a limited budget!

[SEATING IS LIMITED! RSVP in advance to guarantee your spot!]

Each training is facilitated by Certified Business, Marketing, and Law of Attraction Coach and host of the Magical Marketing Podcast, Rebekah Welch.

Whether you attend just one class, or the entire series, you will gain knowledge that will help you grow your business and increase revenues as soon as you apply it. While every training features a complete, stand alone tool, units are designed to work like building blocks in your marketing; the more you learn and implement, the faster your business grows. Students who attend reglarly experience the benefit of developing strong referral relationship with the other attendees, and the natural accountability that occurs from spending time consistently with others who are familiar with your struggles and victories.

Training may be purchased by the individual class, and package pricing is available (see ticket options):


Are you a creative business practitioner who has been struggling to gain momentum? Do you love what you do, but don’t know how to reach the people you long to help? Are you ready to make connections, expand your network, and learn business practices and marketing strategies you can implement immediately to help you grow a viable, sustainable, PROFITABLE business?

Join us on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month for a little bit of networking and great deal of education! Each month will feature a different business or marketing focus designed to help your practice flow and grow.

Marketing Magic Masterclass & Networking Events were designed for business of all kinds, inlcuding service based, product oriented, local retail, online sales, any entrepreneur that is ready to level up their passion from simply a hobby to a robust, money making business.

Each 2+ hour class includes training, networking segment, light refreshments, and any worksheets/handouts needed. Be sure to bring a notebook and pen for taking notes, and lots of business cards!

*SEVERE WEATHER POLICY: In the even of inclement weather, training will be held online via zoom at the scheduled date and time. All links and training materials for the affected class will be made available for download for every registered student.

Fee is $37 per class, per person, if purchased individually (see ticket options for package pricing values). Seating is limited, RSVP early to reserve yours.


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