Learn How To Buy A Profitable Business Without Risking Your Own Personal Capital

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Las Vegas Business Acquisitions

WHEN: Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Perry will be going into considerable detail and will be walking you through real life examples and actual contracts of signed deals.

This will teach you how to structure and negotiate deals – as well as how to raise all the capital you need to close them – from the alternative finance markets (and not from your own pockets).

Some of the key topics covered are:

1. Strategies on how to source deals directly without using a broker? And why using a broker is a bad idea?

2. The ‘smartest’ way to build a business – going from zero to $10M in 10 months. Most entrepreneurs have this wrong…and ultimately fail.

3. How to acquire both profitable and distressed businesses? The best way to take advantage and position yourself in this down market.

4. Step-by-step on how Perry acquired a profitable $1.7M business for $1? (Case Study)

5. Exactly how and where to raise capital to acquire a company (without going to a bank or having to pledge you home to access funding)? And without having to use any of your own capital in order to transact!

6. How to pay yourself a 5 and 6 figure ‘deal fee’ on closing?

7. How to quickly fix a company with severe cash flow issues? Ideal and timely for this down trending market we are currently in.

8. Understanding the mindset of sellers and how to negotiate with them. Tactical negotiation strategies to ‘get to a YES.’

9. How to quickly (and cost effectively) perform due diligence – and how to get lawyers and accountants to work for you on contingency – so you are not stuck out of pocket.

10. How to sell a business quickly and creatively so you are maximizing your exit. Step-by-step on how Perry sold a Media company he purchased when there was a limited buyer pool. (Case Study)

11. How to acquire minority stakes (49%) and have someone else run the business for you? (Case Study)

12. How to pull cash out of your business tax free (Legally)?

13. The coveted AMEX Centurion ‘Black Card’ – how to quickly get one?

14. Achieving Work-Life Balance, wealth hacks and empire building.

None of the above is academic or theory. This is all ‘hand to hand combat’ and real world dealmaking strategies from someone who has been doing this for the past 19 years.

You will walk away from this workshop with a deep understand of how this is done and how this all works…again, no theory!


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