Leading Impact: 6-Week Mastermind with Chrysta Bairre

Hosted by

She Goes High

WHEN: Monday, May 3, 2021

Could you use a little support, accountability, or feedback?

Want a personal board of directors that has your back, who will ask you thought-provoking questions, give you honest feedback and inspire you?

How about a team who is rooting for your success, who will hold you accountable to your heart’s desires and who will help you figure out what to do and what is getting in your way?

A Mastermind is a safe space to talk about what you are working on, get ideas, feedback, support, inspiration, accountability and SO much more.

Set meaningful goals and know that the space is set for you to really achieve them, or have a group to help you figure out what is in the way when you don’t.

Connect with an intimate group of She Goes High members. Step into a space where you can grow your confidence, focus, skills and impact to create the life you are longing for.


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