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The Amazing Women's Network Group Public Group

WHEN: Thursday, March 17, 2022

Philosophy: We believe that the collective support, sharing of ideas and guidance of women leaders can never be over-rated. Our focus is to champion you with opportunities to develop and embrace your unique gifts, network and connect with like-minded women leaders who care and support one another. We will also tap you into educational training and events designed to hone your skills and teach you how your business can take flight in the most amazing way.

· You will become a member of a dynamic group of women who are dedicated to greater success in their life, business, communities and the world.

· You will join leaders empowered to shine their uniqueness, grow, expand and test new ideas in a safe forum.

· You will be genuinely supported as you overcome challenges and your successes celebrated as you take flight with opportunities to play Bigger.

· You will engage in our twice per month meetings that provide a structured networking forum where you’ll share your business and enjoy educational opportunities.

· The Amazing Women’s Group will be a valuable growth asset to your business, professional and personal development as you gain knowledge, build relationships, give to others and engage with vibrant women business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders.


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