Intro to Programming : A Free Coding Class at The Tech Academy

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The Tech Academy Denver

WHEN: Thursday, October 31, 2019


At The Tech Academy, we work hard to break down the barriers between people and technology. We think that, with the right approach, anyone can learn to code – and whether you end up working in technology or not, the principles behind coding are useful in a lot of areas.

The Tech Academy is offering a free course on Introduction to Small Basic. Small Basic is a Microsoft language that gives users exposure to many of the fundamental skills used in more complex coding languages.

This course is perfect for people with little to no experience in programming who are curious about a career in software development.

In this practical, hands-on class, you’ll learn the basics of these popular technologies – and along the way, you should find out for yourself whether technology and coding are something worth looking into a bit more deeply.


8850 W 38th Ave Suite A · Wheat Ridge, CO

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