Increasing Traffic, Sales, and Revenue for Small Businesses with LeafLot

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Ecommerce Platform For Small Businesses

WHEN: Thursday, June 10, 2021

Statistics show that 90% of people look online to buy but only 25% small businesses ever show up. Why is this? For starters, it’s expensive to launch an online operation. Second, creating a website will simply not bring the traffic; you will need to spend on Search Engine Optimization. And finally, if you are one in an already crowded platform, it’s unlikely that you will be in the top 10 search results unless you pay extra.

LeafLot can help solve this problem. It’s free to start your business online as there are no fixed costs. In this quick meet-up, we will show you how to take advantage of a young platform, established yourself early, reach new markets, and increase your sales using LeafLot. This session is for you if you are whether you are thinking of starting an online business, looking to increase foot-traffic to you existing brick and motor store, struggling to increase sales online or looking to explore online sales without any financial risks.


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