Inaugural Billington State and Local Cybersecurity Summit

Hosted by

Billington CyberSecurity

WHEN: Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Convening the Senior-Most Cyber Leaders to Enhance Cybersecurity at the State and Local Level

State and local governments and the critical infrastructure they support are facing significant cyber attacks. In the last year, the state of Illinois, the city of Dallas, and the Los Angeles Unified School District have experienced cyber attacks that impacted their day-to-day operations over multiple weeks. Yet these same governments are often massively under-resourced to protect themselves.

Join us as we explore what can be done to enhance the cybersecurity of the states, counties, cities, and municipalities that comprise the U.S. and the critical infrastructure sectors in these areas.

When is the State and Local Summit taking place and what is the audience type?

  • The event will be held at the National Press Club in Washington DC on March 19–20, 2024.
  • Expected attendance for the in-person event is 350 people. Our virtual component will also allow engagement from state and local officials and attendees from around the country who would not otherwise be able to be present or have funds to travel.
  • Breakdown of type of attendee for target audience: 70% State and Local Government / 30% Federal (in person or virtual)

What is the theme/purpose of the event?

  • Billington CyberSecurity’s State and Local Summit brings together State, Local, and Federal Government cyber leaders to share best practices and learn from one another, giving them insights to enhance their cyber operations and reinforce their defenses against cyber threats, criminal activities, and negative influence campaigns.

What are the target audience and industry?

  • State CISOs/CIOs
  • City & Municipality CISOs/CIOs
  • Federal Government involved with state/local cybersecurity
  • Senior Government at State and Local level in charge of cybersecurity
  • Industry contactors, experts and partners

What are sample titles of those from State and Local Government responsible for Cybersecurity who will be invited?

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISOs)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSOs)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTOs)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIOs)
  • State Chief Information Officer (SCIO)
  • Director of IT/Technology Specialist
  • Information Security Services (ISS) Director
  • Information Security Services (ISS) Officer
  • Agency Information Officer (AIO)
  • Information Technology (IT) Specialist

Why should I attend?

This summit will be your must-attend event of the year to hear how over 30 top speakers are addressing the state and local cybersecurity cyber threats. Speakers include the top cyber leaders for California, Dallas, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and more.

Here are 10 top reasons to attend.

  • The event will feature two ransomware workshops and a general session panel focused on how State and Municipal cyber leaders dealt with real-life ransomware attacks.*
  • The event will host multiple conversations about how artificial intelligence is and can be leveraged to shore up cyber defense.*
  • CISA’s leader of its joint FEMA $1 billion State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program will offer key insights about how to effectively apply for Federal cyber funding.
  • National Guard leadership will provide ways in which states are leveraging their assistance to help defend and respond to cyber incidents.
  • National experts will discuss the Chinese cyber threat and how it could be visualized at the state and local levels, led by the two China experts at CISA and NSA.
  • A conversation with the CISOs of California, Dallas, Chicago, New Jersey and many more on how state/local leaders are reducing cyber risk.
  • The event will include over 20 roundtable Chatham House rule discussions focused on key topics impacting cyber programs at every level.*
  • A VIP dinner for speakers and sponsors and an all-attendee reception honoring key state and local cyber leaders will offer exceptional networking for sponsors and speakers alike.*
  • Attendees get a chance to engage with key cyber vendors about existing and upcoming new capabilities.
  • The event is a unique opportunity to build your cyber network with an amazing group of cyber leaders from local, state, federal, and private entities.

*Available only in person, not virtually.

What are the roundtable topics?

  1. Leveraging and Integrating the Right AI Talent to Improve Cyber Defense
  2. Addressing Shadow IT and Legacy Systems
  3. Lessons Learned from Migrating to the Cloud
  4. Election Cybersecurity
  5. Leveraging Transparency in your Supply Chain
  6. Communicating the Need for Cybersecurity to Leaders
  7. Building a Zero Trust Implementation Plan
  8. Leveraging Cyber Threat Intelligence in your Cybersecurity Program
  9. Using Red Teams and Table Tops to Enhance Your Cybersecurity Program
  10. Striking the Right Balance Between Automation and the Cyber Workforce
  11. Protecting Critical Infrastructure
  12. Collective Responsibility for Cybersecurity at all Levels

    How do the roundtables work?

    All roundtables will be preassigned. We will be reaching out to attendees asking for roundtable selections and preassigning table numbers making for a seamless process. Sponsors will also be contacted so they can send their preferences and be assigned table(s) that they will facilitate.


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