How to Raise Pre-Seed and Seed Startup Funds

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Silicon Valley Startup: Idea to IPO

WHEN: Friday, March 4, 2022

Less than 1% of startup pitches result in funding. While most entrepreneurs over-emphasize pitch decks, smart founders focus on fundability. Successful founders follow a proven five-step process to efficiently raise pre-seed and seed funds for their early stage startup. This class dives into important keys to raise early-stage funds, including:

  1. Fundability
  2. Due diligence and legal pitfalls
  3. Financial projections and models
  4. Funding strategy
  5. Inflection points and funding milestones
  6. Idea validation
  7. Traction metrics
  8. Pitch effectiveness and tracking
  9. Negotiating term sheets

Attendees will learn the Prepare, Plan, Execute, Sell, and Close (PPESC) process to effectively build a fundable startup and then close Pre-Seed and Seed funding.

Fundable Startups provides coaching, training, and tools that helps founders build healthy, fundable companies. As a published author and a CEO, CTO or tech vice president of five startups with three exits, Sam Wong leads Fundable Startups in creating premium, deep-dive, visual training and tools to help founders with great execution.


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