How To Make Professional Video for YouTube, Social Media With Any Smartphone

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Annette T.

WHEN: Sunday, February 28, 2021

Did you know that you can produce professional videos with your smartphone? Thousands of YouTubers, marketers and entrepreneurs are ditching their expensive cameras and complex editing software in favour of the production studio in their pocket… their mobile phone! Yes, you really can do EVERYTHING on your phone.

Video traffic accounts for 80% of all consumer internet traffic in the world, meaning business owners need a cheaper, easier and faster way to create content.

The answer is under your nose – your smartphone! This powerful technology is enabling us all to connect with our audiences INSTANTLY. And the best bit is – you already own one, and you don’t need ANY prior experience to use it!

We’ve teamed up with Simon Coulson from the Internet Business School and international videographer and social media specialist, Caroline Scott, to bring you an exclusive webinar. Caroline has taught thousands of business leaders, marketers, TV producers and social media executives how to swap their heavy, slow kit for the nimble smartphone they already have. Now she’s ready to tell YOU the trade secrets of video production that have previously only been shared with the most experienced TV producers and filmmakers.


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