Happy New Year: 5-minute Armchair Investor, A FAST Way to Learn the Stock Market

Hosted by

Charlotte Hudgin 2.

WHEN: Sunday, January 3, 2021

The 5-minute Armchair Investor: An introduction to the stock market. Learn about how the market works, how you can start investing using a simple plan.

The Armchair investor strategy has earned over 50% this year (as of August 2020). Learn how! This class meets from 7 p.m. Sundays – to about 8 p.m. (even if the Online Webex class says 9 p.m. – to 10:15. I am still trying to get that title straightened out)

Do you see your friends making money in this amazing, rising stock market and you’d like to learn how…..so you ask yourself,
…”Where do I start?”
….”Is it safe?”
…..”How much time will it take?” (I’m already busy!)
……”Why can’t someone explain it to me in simple terms?”


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