Government Contracting: Overview

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APEX Accelerators at UCF

WHEN: Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Federal, State, and Local Government procurement is the largest target market in the world.

The question is usually not “Does the government buy what you are selling?”…it is more “Can you be competitive enough and relentless enough to position your business to win government contracts?”. If you think you can be competitive, then government contracting may be a good growth opportunity for your business.

The “Government Contracting Overview” seminar, presented by the APEX Accelerators at UCF in partnership with the Florida SBDC at UCF, is designed for established small business owners with some commercial momentum that are curious about government contracting, as well as business owners that may already be involved in government contracting. This workshop will present government contracting in three components: Positioning for Government Contracting, Developing Reactive Business Development Strategies, and Developing Proactive Business Development Strategies.  Specifically, we will discuss registration requirements, social-economic certification opportunities, market research tools, Florida PTAC’s “Bid-Match” system, and what we refer to as the initial “Marketing Tool Kit” for government contractors.

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