Government Contracting BootCamp: Winning Government Business

Hosted by

Tim J.

WHEN: Thursday, November 5, 2020

Government Contracting BootCamp: Learn the ins and out of Federal Contracting. This course is designed for those businesses that are new to Doing Business in the Federal Sector – startup to large businesses. It will also explain the “Art of the Process”- as well as focus on the diverse aspects of Federal Contracting. Federal Contracting 101 will give entrepreneurs a very good look into the numerous best practices that are used nationwide.

Action Points:
– How to Find Opportunities and Bid on Contracts – Federal and State
– Complete all documents needed for Certification before the end of class
-Complete a Capability Statement for Bidding
-Learn the ends and out of set asides
-Locating financial institutions for financing
-Free notary of documents


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