Girl Boss Mastermind Group For Growing A Successful Business

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SoCal Women In Business Mastermind Group

WHEN: Friday, June 4, 2021

Committed To Starting Or Growing A Business in 2021?

Then join this virtual mastermind meeting, where fellow female entrepreneurs meet to mastermind exactly what to do to make 2021 the best year for Empowering your Women-owned business.

If you’re ready to know what right actions to take without being distracted to create results quickly, this virtual mastermind meeting is for you.

Our Mastermind Topic For June is: Quick actions for gaining more time in your life & business.

With it now officially summer, it can start to become a bigger challenge when managing home life, kids summer activities, and trying to run your business. During this month’s mastermind we will discuss quick actions that you can implement this month to help you sane, stress free, and profitable in running your Girl Boss Business.

Space is limited to a small number of attendees to allow everyone to share, be supported individually, and build connections.


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