Fundraising Strategies for Startups & Small Businesses

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WHEN: Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Any entrepreneur wishing to set up a business/startup and make it successful needs to take care of 3 things i.e., Product, Distribution and Funding. They will have a brilliant idea which will become the product and they may have found the sweet spot at the intersection of creating value for customers and profitability by distribution. But to really get the startup off the ground, you need capital. And to attain capital, you need to fundraise without which the business will just stagnate and lose track.

Majority of the entrepreneurs start their business journey with a small capital of their own and then start looking to raise funds to grow the business. Fundraising is a complicated affair and needs a lot of strategy and planning.

Fundraising can be a lonely, anxiety-ridden, and frustrating process. An entrepreneur needs to prepare to handle a lot of rejections. The time will seem to be dragging on and whenever a potential investor says ‘let’s keep in touch’ it will weigh heavy on you.

Most of the entrepreneurs assume that their business idea will be appealing to the investors, and they tend to overlook the efforts and complication involved in raising funds. This leads to many businesses timing the funding wrong and coming to a standstill due to lack of funds.

This session will give you deep insights into how to come up with an appropriate fund raise strategy for your business. It will help you understand the why, who, how much, when and how for a fundraise strategy.

• Why are you raising capital?
• How to determine whether you need capital or not? 30 Mins
• Who are you raising the capital from?
• What are the type of investors?
• How to decide the type of investors? 45 Mins
How much
• How much capital will you raise?
• How to determine the amount to be raised?
• Different stages of fund raise and average amounts 30 Mins
• When should you raise capital?
• How to time your fund raise? 30 Mins
• How will you go about raising the funds?
• What is the process involved 30 Mins
Q & A 40 Mins


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