Financing Growth and Fighting Failure with Jimmy Stephens

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Founders Network Denver

WHEN: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

In 2017, the U.S Bank conducted a study looking at why businesses in the United States fail. According to the report, the top reasons include cash flow issues and poor product-market fit. The study also indicates that businesses often simply run out of cash, and don’t have the right team in place.

As the director of channel at Brex, a financial software and services company, Jimmy Stephens has seen the issues that cause startups to fail first hand. Stephens was among the first employees at Brex and was deeply involved in the early iterations of the company, from building out the sales motion and strategy, to helping grow the initial Brex customer success and relationship management team.

“Early on in a company’s life cycle, it is important to focus on doing one thing really well rather than trying to do a few things okay,” Stephens says.

On Feb. 22, 2022, Stephens will be hosting a webinar for Founders Network members where he’ll discuss strategies for financing growth and the funding options available to startups to help them avoid becoming another statistic.

Stephens will also cover:

• How early-stage tech entrepreneurs can perform situational analysis for strategic planning
• How to calculate opportunity costs for each business decision
• The difference between liquid and non-liquid assets
• Advice for solving cash flow issues
• Helpful tools that can help scale a startup team


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