Experienced E-Commerce Sellers in Colorado Meetup

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Colorado Amazon/E-Commerce Seller Meetup Group

WHEN: Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Our first meeting this week was a huge success so we’re going to set up a monthly meetup for the time being.

The 2nd Advanced E-Commerce Meetup will be @ Koelbel Library again, meeting room A or B. (not set yet)

There is no fee and I won’t be selling you anything as I have nothing to sell. 🙂 We will not be streaming or allowing video calls as I’d like it to finally be an in-person event.

Right now there is no speaker or topic set yet but that may change soon so stay tuned.

Lastly, this meetup is meant for experienced, full-time sellers that are serious about growing their online businesses and would like to bounce ideas and connect with other knowledgeable e-commerce sellers. If you are new to e-commerce, get your feet wet, start selling something in your house or from the Walmart clearance aisle, and after a few months of getting the basics down, please come in to share your experiences.


Koelbel Library (Arapahoe Libraries) 5955 S Holly St · Centennial, CO

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