Event Marketing SECRETS | How To Get BUTTS IN SEATS! [Workshop]

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Women In Business Network, Mastermind, & Mentorship Events

WHEN: Thursday, October 31, 2019


Are you hosting an Open House or Party to boost your business and have no idea how to get LOTS of people to attend? Do you dream of having “STANDING ROOM ONLY” or “SOLD OUT” Educational events? Wondering how your competition seems to easily pack the room for networking events? Wish you knew the secret to successfully promote your events and find guests, buyers, and raving fans?

What if we gave you the ‘secret sauce’ the pros use to market their events and get butts in seats right NOW?

If you’ve been frustrated or bewildered by the whole “Event Marketing” idea, or just don’t understand why it doesn’t seem to work for your biz, we can help! Join us as we reveal the Secret To SOLD OUT and STANDING ROOM ONLY events!


6565 W Jewell Ave #2 · Lakewood, CO

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