Entrepreneurship & Business Opportunity To Make Extra Income

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National Financial Literacy Campaign

WHEN: Sunday, February 27, 2022

Want to start a business of your own but afraid of the risks, and lack of funding or concerned about losing all the investment you put in because of the risks?

Too busy with life, busy with kids, busy with jobs, don’t know if you have time?

Want to be part of something big, meaningful; want to build something for yourself and your family; want to be a role model for your kids and create a family legacy; still have a dream of financial freedom.

Join us at this virtual event, we will share with you a business opportunity with flexible schedule, with minimum startup and overhead cost, so

You can do it at your own flexible pace without quitting your job…

You may enjoy a lifetime passive income with unlimited growth, without worrying about lay-offs…

You may start a journey with unlimited potentials, which you cannot imagine how far you can achieve…

What we will share in the meeting?

  • What is National Financial Literacy Campaign?
  • How NFLC is helping Families Become Financially Independent
  • How you can earn extra income with National Financial Literacy Campaign?

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