Enhancing Accessibility for Your Small Business

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Oregon Coast SBDC

WHEN: Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Enhancing Accessibility: A Guide for Small Businesses & Organizations This workshop is custom-tailored to tackle the distinct hurdles in establishing inclusive and accessible spaces for your workplaces and beyond. Providing pragmatic insights, strategies, and resources, the course equips small enterprises with the tools necessary to confront accessibility issues head-on and cultivate a culture of inclusivity. Through practical guidance, participants gain the knowledge and confidence to address accessibility concerns proactively, fostering environments where all individuals can thrive. By prioritizing accessibility initiatives, small businesses not only comply with regulatory standards but also nurture environments that champion diversity and equality. This workshop serves as a vital resource for small businesses seeking to create welcoming and accessible workplaces that reach to empower employees and the consumers they serve to resonate community-wide inclusivity.


Oregon Coast CC Campus 400 SE College Way Newport, OR 97366

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