Drive Traffic To Your Website! What Is SEO & Intro To Keyword Research Class

Hosted by

Robert J.

WHEN: Sunday, January 17, 2021

In this webinar, you will learn what SEO is and the components that will help drive traffic to your website. They will also get started on how to do keyword research.

Here Is What You Will Learn From This Webinar

• What is SEO? and why it’s important to know it if you want to get traffic to your website

• How does SEO drive traffic to your website

• SEO components that will help optimize & rank your website

• The importance of adding keywords to your website

How keywords will help your website rank in google search engines

• 4 Types of keywords that will help you in your keyword research

• What you need to consider when doing your keyword research

• An assignment that will help you get started with your keyword research


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