Business Ideation Made Simple

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ProductCamp DC

WHEN: Thursday, February 10, 2022

Every great business idea has to start somewhere. Business ideation helps you visualize a business opportunity by creatively identifying market opportunities, identifying competitors, and discovering new customers.

This session will get you up to speed on business ideation ― a process for turning ideas into a great new business and product. Join this session to learn how to discover, develop and convey business ideas and concepts to get feedback from external stakeholders to evaluate its value proposition. We will describe how to use a simple three-step process to start a new business to quickly react to shifting customers and markets and generate new sales revenues.

You’ll learn:
― A three-step business ideation process
― How to describe the problem space
― How to identify the solution space
― How to identify a viable business model
― Understand business ideation tools

Join Hector Del Castillo, Founder of BoldPM, to understand a three-step process for conducting discovery efforts to generate, develop, validate, and evaluate ideas and concepts for launching a desirable, feasible and viable new business and product.


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