Building a Multi-Six Figure Business through Social Media Marketing

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Network After Work Los Angeles - Networking Events

WHEN: Tuesday, November 9, 2021

During the training we will be focused on systems and strategies where they will learn how to:
• Create Credibility on Social Media
• Get people to know you from Podcast, Social Media, and Speaking on Stage
• You Will Learn the Marketing System
• Then will be focused on learning about Virtual Assistants and Virtual Assistant Systems where they will learn:
What are the tasks that they can delegate to a Virtual Assistant?
• How can a Virtual Assistant support them in growing their business (including Sales & Marketing)
What do I need to prepare?
The event will be hosted on Zoom Video Conference Call, so for tools and equipment, please prepare:
• Pen and Paper
• A computer connected to the internet
• Working Headset and/or microphone
• Working Webcam


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