BEST OF SERIES: Storytelling in Business

Hosted by

Fairfield County SCORE Chapter

WHEN: Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Who hasn’t sat through a presentation and been bored, even when you really wanted to hear what the speaker had to say? If you are the speaker, you may know your audience and their needs. You may also be a subject matter expert on what they need. So what will prevent your audience from falling asleep or at least be unmoved by what you say? The element that will bridge the gap between your audience’s needs, and your knowledge is compelling storytelling.

Information without emotion is data and will be lost to memory almost immediately. Information emotionalized through storytelling becomes internalized and retained. Sharing your information through a well-crafted story will leave a lasting impression that can highlight a cause, compel action and elevate your career.

What you will learn:

  • The power of storytelling to convey ideas and emotions
  • Important differences between personal vs. business storytelling
  • How to properly prepare your story
  • Understand story structure and how it impacts the listener
  • Being authentic is the only way to be effective

Presenter: Richard Kuepper

Richard Kuepper is the Founder and President of L.E.A.D. U.S.A., L.L.C., a Connecticut-based corporate learning, and development company. He has spent the last 25 years delivering dynamic programs to organizations in North America, Asia, and Europe. Rich’s ability to design high-impact, customized programs for organizations has him highly sought as a consultant, speaker, and coach in leadership and team development, optimal performance, growth mindset and wellbeing. Some of L.E.A.D.’s clients include Bigelow Tea, Gartner, Yale University, Yale New Haven Hospital, G.E., B.I.C. Corporation.



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