All About Incorporating - How to Buy Your Investment Properties

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WHEN: Saturday, February 27, 2021

To start the New Year off right, we will be delving right into a serious topic

All about Incorporating – How to Buy Your Investment Properties

“How do I buy Real Estate? In my personal name or in a corporation?”

“What are the pros and cons of buying personally vs incorporating and vice versa?”

“Can I change properties from personal to corporation after I already bought the properties?”

“How do I protect my ASSets when buying Real Estate?”

“Are there legal benefits to incorporating?”

“What is the best way to move forward with Joint Venture Partners?”

“What are the tax implications for each Real Estate strategy such as Buy Rent Hold, Flipping and Rent to Own”

Our key presenter for the evening , Real Estate lawyer Richard Ledding , will be answering these top questions as well as fielding questions from the audience providing clarity on a complicated subject matter!

Richard has practiced as a lawyer in British Columbia since 1982, predominantly in the areas of real estate and corporate and commercial transactions. He has been involved in real estate in various ways, acting for a large number of creative real estate investors as well as traditional buyers, sellers, investors, syndicators, and developers. Richard has extensive experience in setting up and acting for mortgage investment corporations, and acts for numerous borrowers and private lenders. A trusted leader in his field, Richard has been invited to share his expertise at many notable real estate investment presentations and is the recommended real estate lawyer for the RPI Vancouver Chapter.


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