Agile has made it! - Now we are part of the problem

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Bay Area Agile Leadership Network

WHEN: Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Agile is like the little engine that could… the story that teaches us the value of optimism and working hard to do the right thing. And we’ve been at it long enough to evaluate the limitations to our hopes and dreams. How do we step beyond the veil and examine the unrealized potential and limitations of Agile?

Agile has gone mainstream. More and more corporations have officially embraced Agile while largely sticking to the way they’ve always worked. They have successfully changed titles, meeting names and some of the project management tools to fit the Agile nomenclature, and in the process understandably created many skeptics. We run the risk of looking naïve about what it takes to facilitate change, dogmatic about frameworks and short on practical solutions.

In this session we will look at the state of affairs together. At this level of complexity we need to put our collective heads together. What is your experience? What are the main obstacles to reaping the rewards of Agile? What has worked for you? And where does that leave us as a community of practice?

Join us for a facilitated conversation where we can build on each other’s insights and experiences. We look forward to your curiosity, radical transparency, and a sprinkling of anarchy.


Christina Thomas and Volker Frank

Christina brings her pragmatism, authenticity and appreciation for fun to every environment as she believes everyone should work in an environment where there is psychological safety. As a facilitator and coach, she fosters an inclusive space where people feel empowered to speak openly and share ideas.
With over 15 years of experience in Consulting and the Telecoms Industry, and having worked on major transformation programmes, Christina is on a journey towards agility and focussed on helping teams achieve the connectedness that sits at the heart of agile.

Volker is a powerful synthesizer, combining business performance with human potential, systems thinking with intuition, and strategic management with organizational awareness. He learned about Systemic Constellations in 2000 and has facilitated Systemic Coaching Workshops nationally and internationally. His clients include a global professional services company, Fortune 500 companies, family owned businesses and startups. Volker brings his passions to the Agile transformations as an executive coach, leadership trainer and Agile change agent. He has been active in the Bay Area Agile Community since 2008 to foster collaboration and peer learning.


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