Agile Austin Leader SIG: 5 Valuable tools for your Agile Leadership Toolbox

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WHEN: Friday, May 5, 2023

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Valuable tools for your Agile Leadership Toolbox

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As Simon Sinek says, we are ALL leaders in our lives.

During this interactive session, we’ll overview leadership fundamentals, as well as KEY innovative concepts to make you a wicked leader in ALL aspects of your life! Attendees will leave with real-life examples, actionable steps they can try immediately, concepts to explore further, valuable resources, and hopefully feeling more empowered!

Come learn, explore, and grow with us!

Speaker Bio:

Kim began her career as a biomedical/electrical engineer and software developer on a NASA space shuttle life sciences payload to sustain cellular life in space on a team of 3 engineers. Soon thereafter she was introduced to Agile, which she describes as being as natural as breathing! Through the years, Kim grew alongside the evolution of Agile, progressing from engineering and software development to BA, QA automation, SM, PO, and ultimately to Agile Coaching and Training at the team, program, leadership, and enterprise levels.

Kim is a passionate, proactive, and pragmatic Senior Lean Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer, Co-Active Coach, and Conflict Resolution Professional with over 15 years of Agile experience. She is dedicated to delivering customer value and transformational leadership coaching. She fosters beneficial communication, collaboration, and constructive conflict resolution throughout all levels of organizations. She is experienced in leading enterprise Lean-Agile transformations with a focus on relentless improvement, evolutionary growth, and innovation to cultivate high-performing companies!

“The “secret sauce” of Agile is the Values and Principles as stated in the Agile Manifesto. This leads to embodying the Agile Mindset, which empowers teams and organizations resulting in the astounding benefits of…

  • faster time to market
  • higher quality
  • amazing innovation

…which delights customers and propels companies to be successful industry leaders!”

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