ABNG Virtual Network Meeting

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The Alternative Business Networking Group (ABNG)

WHEN: Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Join us as we go virtual for our meetups. This is a brand new adventure for our groups and something that we are working very hard to make the transition as easy as possible. We appreciate your patience and welcome your feedback.

Please review our ABNG Virtual Meeting Agreements below;

  1. Before you join the meeting, ensure that your camera and microphone work (you can test them by creating a personal meeting on your Zoom account)
  2. Be Present for the entirety of the meeting.
    •Close other screens/tabs on your desktop
    •Set your cell phone to silent or off (just like our regular meetings)
    •Use the “Raise my Hand” feature if you have something to contribute
    •Please mute your microphone unless you are speaking.
    •Be in a place where you are not distracted by your surroundings or others around you including your pets.
    •Please do not eat during our virtual meetings
    •Refrain from being the center of attention during the meeting
  3. Only use the Chat feature (found in the toolbar) at the end of the meeting to connect with other members by sharing event links, email addresses, links for your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, or your Calendar links. (This one is very important as it would be just like talking to your neighbor during the meeting if it was in-person.)
  4. Stay for the ENTIRE meeting (Please do not sign up for the meeting unless you are able to fully commit to the entirety of the meeting).

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