5 Tips to make your Website Awesome

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WHEN: Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Learn how to:
• Assess what needs changed and what can stay
• Implement changes in the right order
• Not piss off Google and trash your SEO while updating
• Apply the 5 E’s of Ease to your site

Usability matters because if users cannot achieve their goals efficiently, effectively and in a satisfactory manner, they are likely to seek an alternative solution to reach their goals. And for websites and apps, alternative solutions are abundant. Quite simply: if your website is not usable, users will leave you for your competitors. Given that, designers looking to develop websites with longevity need to ensure that those sites are usable or risk losing users to their competitors.

In fact, a 2015 joint research on B2B web users showed that 46% of users leave a website because they can’t tell what the company does (i.e., a lack of effective messaging), 44% of users leave due to lack of contact information, and 37% of users leave due to poor design or navigation. This goes to show the potential harm bad usability can bring to your website.


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