5 Phrases that can Change Your Business!

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Kimmer Sue, Branding G.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Have you ever been talking with a customer and said something you thought was innocent only to have the customer end up more upset? Are you nervous around having to say, No? Don’t worry this month’s speaker, Brooke Mitchke-Downs, is here to give you five phrases that can help you avoid accidental escalation, say no in ways that gain trust, and help you stand out in the minds of your customers.

Brooke Mitchke-Downs comes to them with a passion for Customer Service. She’s been practicing customer service since childhood, having grown up in retail. Her experience spans everything from front line service in restaurants and retail to the creation and implementation of award winning customer service standards for a tech giant. She’s currently running a Facebook group, hosting a weekly streaming show, and doing individual coaching with business owners.

Join them for this powerful training session that’s going to make your customer service stand head and shoulders over your competition. All attendees get the chance to introduce themselves and their business to the group. Their goal is to help each other get a leg up in business.


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