Letter From the Founder

We founded EnvZone in 2018 with an idea: to share inspiring stories from entrepreneurs and leaders who step out of their comfort zones to make a difference. Over the years, our site has evolved, and we have expanded our coverage to include government purchasing programs. That’s the reason; if you browse the site, you’ll see such a wide range of content.

The WHY: Elephants and Rabbits

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and they deserve a chance in doing business with government agencies at every level. Unfortunately, the reality isn’t living up to expectations. Small businesses struggle due to limited resources and their voice is not heard enough. This point leads us to a bigger problem in the world of government.

Government transparency is in crisis. There are about 5.5 million purchasing transactions each year accounting for $630B across federal agencies, not to mention the transactions at the state and local government agencies. This massive amount of money flows back to businesses to power the economy or the other way around, power a wealthy group of elites.

What we bring to the table:

We are a team of data storytellers and writers who are passionate about government transparency. Your knowledge and awareness is power, and we give you the power to shape the government. We know that we’re not alone, and you will join us with our passionate writers to expose these stories in a format of investigative, explanatory, and narrative journalism.

Good journalism isn’t cheap, it takes time and resources from our writers to tell compelling stories and produce thorough articles. We believe in the power of storytelling that can change the world which leads us the next point.

The better version of America and your future:

Government is the largest buyer in the market. Are your tax dollars being spent wisely? Is the decision-making process by the ‘Big Elephants’ overseeing the spending transparent enough?

The typical approach from these ‘Big Elephants’ tends to be ‘Personal motivation driving organizational objectives.’ We believe this approach is flawed on many levels. The right approach is ‘Public interest must drive organizational objectives.’

We think you can change the government for the better! And it is your awareness.

You don’t need a PhD degree to navigate the complexities of government spending activities. We’ll make it easy for you to understand what truly matters.

How we can make it happen:

Covering the details of government spending takes a lot of resources and no other media companies out there would dedicate the resources for your awareness. From data preparation of each purchasing transaction to due diligence of data, public records and solicitation documents, all these activities require intensive resource to plan for each article.

Unlike most other news sites, we don’t have a paywall or get paid from Google because we don’t allow their ads to annoy you (no ads at all, actually). We do sometimes do business deals with companies that we cover, such as sponsorship. Those never affect coverage.

To sustain ourselves in business, we have developed an AI-powered proposal platform to help companies respond to government solicitations faster.

If you have friends who engage with government purchasing activities, please share this link to them. Because we think these things do matter to them.

We know you’ll want to help. Financial resources generated from this product will support us further in developing high-quality journalism and uncovering ‘must-know’ yet ‘rarely-told’ stories in government spending.

Remember: Your voice is on the rise. Government must be better.



Linh Pham
Founder & CEO

the CEO and Founder

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