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It might be stressful when it comes to making decisions related to your investment in online-version of your brand. The decision that comes with financial responsibility, commitment and performance expectation can greatly impact your organization and even your career. We understand that and briefly describe what’s in it for you to enroll in this membership.

Who typically included in a “Digital-era” team to power your website-related activities?

Adopting a modern marketing strategy requires a team, and no single person can handle all the marketing specialties. A typical team who operate and manage a website should include the following roles:

Inbound Strategist
Content Planner
Developer / Integration Engineer
UX / UI Designer
Subject-matter Coordinator

What areas do these professionals involve?

In most effective marketing teams, the roles above usually work with a cross-functional teamwork approach. They work together to achieve the end goal.

Here is a common list of activities these professionals usually involve in: content development, market research, metrics data analysis, website development and re-engineering, cross-functional team optimization, email marketing system design, collateral development and production, etc.

Building a well-rounded team is costly

To build your own team and retain this resource in house can be costly, not to mention the on-going training costs. Let’s break down what it would take to power your website and its online related activities.

The figures illustrated in the table below will vary based on your geographic location and benefits you offer. Generally, it is a reasonable estimate on average in the United States for the associated costs to retain manpower to operate your brand within this digital era.

Your In-house Team to Power Your WebsiteAnnual Cost
Digital Brand Manager$86,000
Content and Copywriter$70,000
UX / UI Designer$72,000
 + Benefits or burden cost* (30%)

* Social security, 401K, healthcare, pension, time off, disability
Payroll Cost$413,400

The ‘Smart Resource’ approach as an ‘Embedded Staff’ of your in-house resources

Adopting a co-staffing solution for your business would significantly relieve the burden and commitment.

Enroll in Co-staffing PlanAnnual Investment
1 Year – Membership Fee$600
+ On-demand service requestat member-only pricing
Total Annual Expenditure$600 and Cost of result-based delivery

Which industry can benefit from adopting this co-staffing solution for website services?

If you are in a business that requires a certain level of education, trust, and authority before customers can purchase or engage with your product or service, this solution is for you. If your business transaction mostly comes through b2b, procurement, this solution is definitely for you. The following industries can greatly benefit from a co-staffing solution:

  • A/E/C profession
  • Financial services
  • Professional services
  • Non-profits
  • Retail / Ecommerce
  • Healthcare
  • Supply chain

Onboard your business with co-staffing solution

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