What Is Behind MESA’s Rampant Effort for Innovations?

With more than 150 corporate members, MESA is not only leading but also shaping the future of Media & Entertainment. Through many upcoming events the association is vibrantly training and prompting members to adjust the new current after walking out of the pandemic.
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MESA was founded in 2008 and has since expanded its activities to serve Media & Entertainment executives in Los Angeles, New York and London. Its content advisors direct an annual event schedule of more than 25 meetings, conferences and summits. MESA’s editorial staff creates and curates content for 10 weekly newsletters, reaching a global audience of more than 40,000 M&E executives daily, and the Media & Entertainment Journal, which is published bi-annually. MESA’s industry initiatives have included the introduction of an industry-standard digital ID, an industry-wide security assessment program, an industry career resource center, as well as women’s diversity workshops and awards.

The Media & Entertainment Service Alliance (MESA) drives new technologies that are enabling the digital transformation of media and entertainment. Focused on three core Media& Entertainment (M&E) technologies including data: Analytics, DAM, Metadata, Discovery & Devices; IT: Enterprise, Software, Apps & Cloud and security: Content Security, Content Protection & Cybersecurity. Moreover, MESA’s 150-plus corporate members and content advisors collaborate to advance change management, new workflow solutions and production, supply chain efficiencies.

MESA communities include the four influential Hollywood IT Society (HITS), Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), Smart Content Council, Women in Technology: Hollywood (WiTH). Together these groups include a curated network of content advisors and solutions providers who are accelerating the adoption of new systems and technologies in film, television, and home entertainment. Thousands of thought leaders are engaged at any one of its industry events, meetings and conferences that address the fundamental business processes in: asset management, IT, supply chain, data and security. MESA events are held in Los Angeles and New York City with additional presence at the major trade events in Las Vegas and Amsterdam.

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Leading-Edge Banner to Walk in The Era of Cutting-Edge Innovations

MESA as an association of technology executives, production companies and content creators who are shaping the form of the media and entertainment industry in future days, announced that it had united all of its communities, initiative-based associations, coalitions and workgroups under a new global banner. Formerly known as the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance, the organization will now go by MESA as part of the rebranding effort.

Guy Finley, president & CEO of MESA claimed that it is the time of evolving and the fact that they have been working on the rebrand issues since last October it is a pleasure to finally reach this result. “Our industries, careers, technologies, and standards are being disrupted quickly. It has never been more important to be nimble and flexible to meet the dramatic sea changes the Media & Entertainment industry is facing.”

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To drive the Media& Entertainment industry forward the company has been the pioneer to produce over 200 events for about 60,000 attendees, and frequently hosts webinars along many virtual events. From Los Angeles to London, MESA’s in-person events consistently attract hundreds of studio executives, content distributors and especially Hollywood service vendors for candid conversations about challenges and best practices.

Face off COVID-19, MESA have no difficulties shifting its focus and industry’s central virtual meeting and connecting point for technology leaders who is looking to find answers and solutions. MESA is making efforts to keep up and stay relevant when the industry returns as a combination of in-person and virtual conferences, while using leading-edge tools and digital tactics to ensure it remains central and vibrant for the mean time.

Hollywood Tech Women: Seeking Up-To-Minute Solutions for The Up-To-Date Issues

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Across the globe, women have lost ground in accessing the same opportunities that are open to men, and they are far more limited in their ability to fulfil their social and economic potential.  This is especially true in the tech industry, which worryingly is also the sector that offers the largest and broadest skills and jobs opportunities for the future.

As a member of MESA, Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH), focused on uplifting women in today’s dynamic tech-driven entertainment industry, will host their Annual SoCal Leadership Summit featuring more than 40 industry-leading female executives who will speak on the theme, “The Changing Nature of Leadership: Navigating Pandemics, Social Change and Remote Work” during the virtual event on Wednesday, October 7 from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM Pacific Time.

A wide range of topics include covering diversity, leadership, remote work and technology will be covered with the beginning of “Stories from a Tech-Informed Diversity Journey” presented by Jeanne Holm, senior tech advisor and chief data officer for the city of Los Angeles- attendees will hear from a while range of experts on how data, AI and more in the smart content space are impacting the industry today.

To be more specific, this year Woman’s SoCal Leadership Summit would give out:

Highlight #1

Edie Givens, SVP of people and organization for Sony Pictures Entertainment, Talia Robinson, SVP of human resources for ViacomCBS, and Dolores Tersigni, founder and president of Ellavate, in the panel discussion “Tackling Bias (AI and Human) in the Recruitment Process”. As AI is proving promising for getting rid of bias in hiring, by eliminating unconscious human bias, and by assessing the entire pipeline of available candidates, rather than forcing humans to implement biased processes. The speaker will highlight the evolving toolsets being used to tackle the new normal.

Highlight #2

“Research and Insights: Managing the Human and Business Impact of COVID-19” will have Tania Massad, research and insights lead for consumer products at Warner Bros., and Nicol Turner Lee, director of The Centre for Technology Innovation (CTI), and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, share new behaviors and insights from consumers during the last year, covering digital consumption, what they’re buying during the pandemic, and more.

Highlight #3

The discussion “Leveraging Neuroscience for Unbiased Leadership” will look at how neuroscience can be used to understand and tackle bias, and help us all understand how we all have reacted to the constant stress of the pandemic, and why.

Count Down to The Most Expected Day of The Media & Entertainment Community

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On October 20th, MESA will present the fourth annual Media & Entertainment Day live as a worldwide virtual event, taking place during the all-new NAB Show New York digital experience. Media & Entertainment Day registrations include a free Marketplace Pass to the NAB Show New York digital experience.

Following on the heels of the successful July 2 Global M&E Day out of London, the event featured a series of panel discussions and presentations covering the latest in cybersecurity and content protection (Content Protection Summit) changes in cloud technologies and traditional IT (Hollywood Innovation and Technology (HITS), that includes a collection of breakout sessions hosted by top M&E vendors, all centered around the latest solutions for — and the challenges facing — the industry in today’s global remote-work business environment.

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Now that the media and entertainment industry has largely settled into a work-from-home reality to continue business and move productions along, the M&E Day event will focus on what’s next on the horizon, and how M&E continues to function remotely going forward. The tools that can help ease this process, the concerns weighing on content owners’ minds, and the future of our industry will all be addressed at the event.

The general sessions will see localization, cybersecurity, content protection, and cloud-enabled technologies discussed in depth, and attendees will garner insights into what’s worked for content owners thus far, and what can be improved upon, long with ways M&E can scale its collective business up, and what your company needs in order to address this new way of working together on a global scale.

M&E Day is being produced by the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), in cooperation with the Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA) and the Hollywood IT Society (HITS).

The Bottom Lines

MESA is bound to be the grandest Media & Entertainment association at the meantime, its presence has contributed great value for the industry within the US and around the globe. Walking into the Coronavirus crisis, the company has put into action many timely resolutions, especially with the rise of remote work. Beyond that, the most expected up-coming event of MESA is dragging attention from all over the US. There are tools and insights to be discussed, as much as new ways for a better approach to the new working environment and market trends.

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