How Tellinga's Personalized Snail Mails Reimagine Greeting Card Space

After graduating and entering the workforce, Alex’s free time was slipping away, and his relationships with friends and family become disconnected. He realized that our need for human connection is really necessary for everyone. From work relationships to personal relationships, all keep people together.

Therefore, so as to keep in touch, he started snail mailing them literary artisanal work in the form of letters. Then, Alex established a greeting card startup called Tellinga. The mission of this business is to draw pictures in story form and mail them out to customer’s loved ones piece by piece over time. It is a comic including images being taken apart page by page and then those pages sent out one by one throughout weeks.

This is the way that Alex wants to help everyone connect together. He will share his business’ vision in this video.


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The Owner of Tellinga

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