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Foundation Plan

All of the access coverage to turn your website to an asset. Not liability!

Plan Details
Website Management and Development Services
Preliminary and continuous design review of your website operation

Your website will be reviewed in term of design and redetermined whether it supports growth and provide recommendations on best practices related to website development and planning.

Integrated communication assessment

We will collaborate with your internal teams with mentorship and guidance to develop dashboards, reports and visualizations that can used across digital marketing teams to inform their efforts.

On-going monitor and proactive recommendations on site improvement

Your website performance will be proactively tracked and improved in any necessary aspect and opportunity that we detect.

Website review with peer-to-peer benchmarks

Your website will be evaluated and compared based on industry benchmarks to ensure it is maximized for optimal user experience. This is conducted on a semi-annual basis.

Exclusive access to strategic products

You will have access to only-member products to help you upgrade your business.

Fiscal year debrief with stakeholder and leadership team on brand performance

Your leadership team will be invited to participate in a fiscal debrief meeting which covers your brand performance over the previous year and provide strategic mentorship on website improvement for the following year.

SEO / SEM Digital Marketing Services
Content champion

Your content development flow will be reviewed with content ideas and development opportunities suitable for your in-house production capacity that builds on corporate and stakeholder narratives. This is performed on a monthly basis.

Editorial counsel

Your content production will be monitored with proactive feedback and guidance to ensure overall quality, branding consistency while maintaining persistence effort.

Analytics, analysis and reporting

We will collaborate with you to develop comprehensive and cohesive reporting providing actionable insights on digital marketing performance. This is conducted every quarter.

Strategic planning

Your content structure and content distribution on website will be fully audited for further development to enhance your brand’s online presence and overall reputation. The audit is performed on a semi-annual basis.

Strategic communication counsel for business leaders

Your leadership or key stakeholder team will be invited to participate in a debrief meeting that covers website performance status, including direct discussions and execution for content production. This is conducted on a semi-annual basis.

Full-Site Managed Services
Website hosting and management

Your website will be migrated into our cloud infrastructure for optimal performance with an easy-to-use portal for you to manage domain DNS records.

Security monitoring and backup

Your website will be checked for security updates and backups on a weekly basis.

Performance check and optimization

Your website’s technology performance will be monitored and optimized to reflect with the industry’s best-practice. This is performed on a bi-weekly basis.

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Frequently asked questions by Leaders

What is Online Presence Management?

Online Presence Management is a professional service subscription that bundles together various custom-built elements including website audit, managed website services, inbound digital marketing activities, and strategic advising.

Why do I need this subscription for my business?

Amid this digital era, it is hard for you to compete without a professional marketing and tech team as big companies have. So, adopting this subscription will help you consistently achieve the outcomes you may otherwise be unable to on your own, usually due to internal resource limitations either in availability or expertise.

Does this subscription include building a website from the beginning?

No. Creating a new website or website redesign are optional add-on products that you can order along with your subscription access.

Does this subscription replace our in-house marketing team?

Not really. This subscription is designed to collaborate hand in hand with your existing marketing team. In case your team has ‘multiple-hat’ personnel, our add-on products will help lessen the burden.

How does this really work?

Please check out the answer here.

How is this cost effective compared to other solutions out there?

You can check out the answer here.

Who will I be working with specifically? Will I work with the same people every month?

Throughout every subscription, you will work with our online presence team of 2 professionally trained consultants, including one senior-level professional who reviews all of your website activities. We will try our best to keep you with the initial team you are assigned when you come on board. If any change happens, there will be an immediate update on your team status within the EnvZone dashboard.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. We never lock you into our service and you can rest assured that all your digital assets will be transferred back to you after your last decision.

What types of questions can I consult with my online presence team?

Anything and everything website-related! Here are examples to get you started:

How can I send website users or visitors emails to our CRM of choice? My marketing staff is too busy to produce content, what should I do? Why do I need to produce content when my sales go through procurement?

Can I trust your online presence team to handle our website?

Absolutely yes. The online presence team you’re assigned ties to our ‘2-pizza’ production team with each member specialized in their own profession. They are required to continuously demonstrate their competency and leverage their expertise by fulfilling ongoing training on the domain in which they are practicing. Basically, there is no ‘do-everything lone wolf’ but the whole production team working on your brand and website with a cross-functional approach.

Is this subscription a fit for my business?

One way or another. Very few companies have unlimited time and resources, or a ‘crystal ball’ to accurately predict all their business needs in the future. This subscription model alleviates uncertainty and enables agility for you by ensuring you are steadily empowered to succeed without the risk of unpredicted costs.

Is my business’s financial information safe on EnvZone platform?

Within the EnvZone platform, we protect your data with 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption – the same level of encryption you will find in online banking. All of your critical financial information such as business credit card and bank account number are handled by Stripe, a secure payment gateway that is used by major brands like Instacart, Lyft, Dropbox, The American Red Cross, Facebook, etc.

My question is not listed here. How can I get support?

If you need further assistance, please reach out to our support line at:

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