One Million Dollar Plus Offers Lowest Interest Rate for High-Value Clients

Ira Meltzer and his team partner with a top Private Bank to bring clients a 1.75% interest rate
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Courtesy: One Million Dollar Plus
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Ira Meltzer, founder and CEO of One Million Dollar Plus, California’s foremost home financing and private wealth advisory firm, has unveiled a new residential financing program that offers those seeking mortgages over one million dollars a 1.75% interest rate. The company can provide access to the lowest mortgage rates in the market.

“By partnering with top private banks, we are now able to provide high net worth individuals access to the lowest mortgage interest in the country,” emphasized Meltzer, in making the announcement. “Typically, these individuals have very complex financial statements and we are adept at deciphering how to manage the paperwork and present for the best results. This team gives us access to the lowest rates in the country. Clearly, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

High-value clients from non-conventional industries such as entertainment can now access mortgage rates at 1.75% for a ten-year fixed-rate or a 30-year mortgage and 2.375% for a fixed 30 years.

The One Million Dollar Plus team services buyers working in industries that operate outside of the standard annual salary structure, whose financial holdings and records are often too difficult for traditional banks to interpret, often leading to mortgage denials and higher interest rates in spite of clients’ high earnings and low risks to lenders.

Through their expert industry knowledge, Ira and his team are able to navigate even the most difficult financial situations. One Million Dollar Plus’ new low-interest program will now offer both existing and potential clients a nonpareil borrowing opportunity, particularly during the financial and housing crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Often called the “Lender to the Stars,” Ira Meltzer and his team at One Million Dollar Plus (OMDP) have funded more than $5 billion in luxury and ultra-luxury residential financing. As a result, the company helps clients maximize wealth and benefits for borrowers seeking to finance more than one million dollars. With more than 35 years of experience and a deep understanding of the complexities that exist within the financial portfolios of high-net-worth individuals, OMDP leverages preparation, strategy and superior access to help clients protect and add to their wealth. His history in facilitating jumbo and mega-jumbo mortgages throughout the nation is unparalleled.

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