Anne Nguye

Anne Nguyen

EnvZone Staff

Communications Coordinator

Anne joins EnvZone as a Communications Coordinator. She has a strong interest in doing brainstorming with new strategic for matching customers and organization. She can diversely approach with clients from associations to enterprises. Her goal is to deliver results and values to clients in order to give out the best solutions. Otherwise, she is keen on being potential of innovative in business operation across a variety of industries, such as healthcare, financial services, small business.

She understands deeply to match with the expectation and product development strategies of each clients.

Outside working hours, she’s interested in taking part in many network activities to make new friends and build her skill of communication. Also, she likes reading books about entrepreneurial strategies, marketing, economy to enhance the knowledge and come up with new ideas for projects and strategies.

Certifications and Badges

  • Effective Coordinator
  • creative strategist
  • highly responsive
  • asset management
  • performance inspector

Contributed by Anne Nguyen

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