You vs. Google: The Very Unauthorized Guide to Google Ads: Colored Version

You vs. Google: The Very Unauthorized Guide to Google Ads: Colored Version
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If you’re going to run Google Ads, it’s critically important to understand one key thing:

It’s You vs Google.

Google is NOT on your side. Their training, tutorials, recommendations, and (especially) their reps can’t be trusted.

This is not to say that Google is evil or even that Google is trying to steal from you. They’re just doing what any good business would do: trying to maximize their profits. And YOU just happen to be their biggest profit center.

So, what do you do? You can’t ignore the single biggest and best marketing network in the world.

That’s why we wrote this book. After helping thousands of people and managing hundreds of millions of dollars in ad spend, we’ve been able to piece together what works, what doesn’t, and (most importantly) why.

Google Ads is the #1 advertising network on the planet. It is also massive and evolving at the speed of light.

Whether you are an established agency owner or new to digital marketing altogether, this book will give you the tools to fight and win your own personal advertising battle.

In other words, you absolutely want to read this book before setting up your next Google Ads campaign.

You vs Google begins with the basics of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and the Google Network before taking a deep dive into the Google Ads platform and how it can impact your business. Using step-by-step tutorials, helpful checklists, and real-life examples, this book will guide you through what to do—and what not to do—to build and manage high-performing campaigns.

You vs Google also includes an extensive section of best practices, FAQs, and how-tos to help you navigate Google Ads like a pro—along with access to a comprehensive resource library that is updated regularly to help you keep pace with every light-speed modification.

Because while the Google Ads platform will inevitably change again and again, the strategic mindset stays the same, and these key strategies will enable you to think critically about your campaigns now and in the future to ultimately enhance your business and your bottom line.
Praise for You vs. Google:

“If you are looking to up your game when it comes to Google Ads, get this book.”

Tom Breeze

World Authority YouTube

“The book is phenomenal, you’ve got to get it, it’s going to make you smarter.”

Steve Sims

“The Real Life Wizard of Oz” – Forbes

“I highly recommend anybody to read this book … they are the number one experts when it comes to Google.”

Ralph Burns

Founder & CEO Tier11

“Google kinda scared me a lot! And what I love about what Kasim has done is that he has broken it down into steps so anyone can become a marketer at Google.”

Rachel Miller

CEO Moolah Marketing

“You’ve got to read this book, it is going to be a best-seller.”

Phillip Stutts

CEO Win Big Media

“When it comes to Google Advertisement, Kasim and Solutions 8 know more than anybody else right now. You better freaking read it if you want to know what is good and what is hot on Google Ads right now.”

Alex Cattoni

Founder The Copy Posse

“Inside of this industry, there are many people that profess to know a lot about Google Ads but 9 times out of 10 when it comes down to it and you ask them how they learned Google Ads they will say over and over it was Kasim Aslam who helped them crack the code.”

Adam Lyons

“The Millionaire Maker”

CEO The S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint

“If you want to understand Google, you need to run out and buy Kasim’s book … The information it’s got in there is freaking insane. You need that book today.”

Brian Galke

Founder & CEO Subtle Skills

About the Author:

Kasim (rhymes with “awesome”) Aslam is the Founder & CEO of Solutions 8 (a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, Infusionsoft Certified Partner, and Official Google Partner) and the author of “The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing.”

As a digital marketer and strategist, he has worked with the largest privately owned bank in the U.S., a 54,000 member PPO, a Gates Foundation funded non-profit, and an Academy Award Contending documentary. He helped to build, launch and market the National Association of Child Helplines (NAACH).

He has worked on a contract basis with the United States Army, Intel and Pearson Education. Kasim has been published across multiple networks including CRM Magazine, Search Engine Journal, Social Media Today, Emergent Path and Explore B2B.

As a speaker Kasim has shared the stage with Ray Grainger (CEO:, Ryan Deiss (CEO:, Greg S. Reid (International best-selling author: “Three feet from Gold”), Jeff Hoffman (Co-Founder:, David Conklin (CMO: Income Store) and Ken Courtright (CEO: Today’s Growth Consultant).

Kasim enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, reading, traveling, playing basketball, and writing thinly veiled, narcissistic lists of his feeble accomplishments.