Trusting A Limited Liability Company For Asset Protection: For Sovereignty

Trusting A Limited Liability Company For Asset Protection: For Sovereignty
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The IRS doesn’t want this top secret information made available to the public! Just like most CPAs, Especially when you learn how to avoid audits legally and lawfully! It takes a special CPA in the private sector to understand this particular style of asset protecting. Using information written in the tax code, We have compiled a collection of strategies from top attorneys, CPAs, and even some of our own unique creations stemming from years of trial and error. This book takes the mystery out of saving thousands each year in taxes while helping to protect those income-producing assets.  

This book will cover some of the essentials for beginners as well as present secret strategies used by the wealthy to create generational wealth. Whether you are starting your first business or are an experienced entrepreneur looking for advanced tax-saving and asset protection strategies, this book is for you. 

Many CPAs and attorneys speak in code. Underneath it all, I’m an entrepreneur just like you and speak to you on your level. This book will break down complex tax and legal concepts in easy-to-understand terms. You will learn: 

  • How to use multiple corporations to build a fortress around your wealth 
  • How to implement our Nevada & charging order protection strategies 
  • How to use no-tax states to shield passive income  
  • How to use shareholder loans to further protect your assets 

About the Author:  

Don Kilam has risen from the struggles of life, from being an honor student through out high school and college, to the constant challenges of parenthood and spending time in prison. Serving more than seven years in the state and federal prison system, Don Kilam is the true definition of the “American Dream.” After dealing with homelessness, & constant insanities of life’s challenges led Don Kilam to finally do something different. Now Don Kilam has traveled to more than forty states in recent years, improving the lives of many others by teaching them that prosperity is their birthright and the keys lay through financial education and self-awareness. He has gained an ever growing following on Instagram and YouTube. Don Kilam also has started multiple online businesses along with joining forces in the music industry as an artist and producer.