Freight Broker Business Startup: The Ultimate Beginners Guide on How to Start and Scale Successful Freight Brokerage Company

Freight Broker Business Startup- The Ultimate Beginners Guide On How To Start And Scale Your Own Successful Freight Brokerage Company
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Would you like to START YOUR OWN PROFITABLE BUSINESS in less time and with less start-up costs than more traditional ones? 

And would you like to start doing it while WORKING FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME without missing the best moments of your family? 

If so, then keep reading… 

Most jobs need you to spend many hours a day on repetitive tasks that don’t make you satisfied. 

Day after day, from 9 to 5 you WASTE YOUR BEST ENERGY making others rich, while you are left with only the peanuts. 

And once you’re out of the daily grind, you no longer have the strength to take care of what really matters to you: your family, friends, or just taking some time for yourself. 

But there is an ALTERNATIVE. That there is a LUCRATIVE BUSINESS that will allow you to TAKE BACK YOUR TIME, be your own boss and finally be the one who decides WHEN and HOW to do what is important to you. 

Look around, you will see that most of the things around you have come up to you via a truck. This makes you understand that the size of the freight transport business is COLOSSAL. 

Moreover, the MASSIVE GROWTH of e-commerce companies like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay is directly contributing to the growth of freight transport, and therefore of the FREIGHT BROKERAGE BUSINESS. 

It means that there is a piece of pie also for you… 

Last but not least, starting up a Freight Brokerage Business needs LESS MONEY and LESS TIME compared to most traditional ones. 

As you can see the opportunity is huge. You just need the RIGHT INFORMATION and a solid plan to get it. And that is just what you’ll find in this book. 

Here’s a taste of what you will find inside this practical step-by-step guide: 

  • An easy-to-follow ROAD MAP for starting your own Brokerage Business 
  • Start a home-based business or setting up an office 
  • 7 successful MARKETING IDEAS to gain customers 
  • The MOST EFFECTIVE SOFTWARE for Freight Brokerage that can increase productivity greatly 
  • The DAILY ROUTINE of the Freight Broker in 7 tasks 
  • Most common problems in Freight Brokerage and how to solve them 
  • Main reasons why Freight Brokers go OUT OF BUSINESS and how to avoid them 
  • INSIDER’S TIPS for running a successful Freight Brokerage Business 
  • How to handle TAX ISSUES: 12 SAVING TIPS every Freight Broker should know 

…And much more! 

I want to be clear, it will not be a walk in the park and you will have to work hard at the beginning. 

But with the right advices and a PROVEN STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM, you can start up your successful Freight Brokerage Business avoiding the main mistakes that put Freight Brokers out of business, also if you are a beginner without a specific background. 

About the Author:  

Michael Robinson was born and raised in Wisconsin and left school to work in a supermarket warehouse. He quickly became disillusioned with his dead-end job and wanted to do something where he could earn more money and perhaps even start his own business and become his own boss one day. 

A friendship, struck up with a delivery driver for the company, gave Mike the idea of taking his CDL and before long he was enjoying the freedom of the road, rather than the confines of a warehouse. Before long he spotted an opportunity to do even better by becoming a freight broker, acting as an intermediary between producers and haulage firms. 

Through hard work and a will to make things happen, Mike made a huge success of his business and soon branched out again, investing his savings and starting his own trucking business that has since gone from strength to strength. 

But he hasn’t stopped there. Always one who is looking for ways to help others in the way that he had helped himself, Mike set about writing books on his experiences. 

Mike’s move into trucking has been the making of him and has given him the lifestyle and freedom he always wanted. Now he is keen to share the knowledge he has accumulated with as many people as possible.