A Legacy of 21st Century Leadership: A Guide for Creating a Climate of Leadership Throughout Your Organization

A Legacy Of 21st Century Leadership- A Guide For Creating A Climate Of Leadership Throughout Your Organization
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Effective leaders make a difference, and they leave legacies. People remember their leaders: how they made them feel, positive changes they shepherded, and capabilities they helped develop in others. Some imprints are healthy, some less so. In this groundbreaking work, you will discover how making your legacy intentional can strengthen much-needed leadership in twenty-first century organizational life. Les Wallace and Jim Trinka combine years of experience in leadership development to bring you a unique guide to improving your organization. Over the years, they have reached thousands at universities, in the government, in the military, in law enforcement, in healthcare, and in private and international sectors. Since organizational leadership trends have shifted significantly in the last few decades, Wallace and Trinka encourage you to think differently about leadership and what your organization may need from you. A Legacy of 21st Century Leadership is a reflective journey of leadership, learning, and legacy in your organization. Tapping into the most recent research on leadership competencies, Wallace and Trinka challenge you to effectively manage your leadership legacies. It’s a journey worth taking and will give you a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm for leading your organization onward! “A unique, thought-provoking resource for potential leaders as well as experienced leaders who are committed to continuous growth and development.” William E. Rosenbach, PhD Evans Professor of Eisenhower Leadership Studies Gettysburg College 

About the Author:  

Les Wallace, PhD, is president of Signature Resources Inc., an international leadership firm based in Colorado. Active in the World Future Society, he’s also on the board of directors of Counterpart International, a global community development organization. 

Jim Trinka, PhD, had a distinguished twenty-two-year career as a fighter pilot for the United States Air Force and is a technical training director for the FAA. He has served as the FBI’s chief learning officer and as the director of leadership and organizational effectiveness for the IRS.