How It Works

1. We get you set up

First, we introduce you to your online presence representative after you register and activate the subscription access. They will get to know your business, show you how the platform works, and gather everything they need from you.

All of your information and data will be stored within a central source called Project Portal where you can follow up and check the status of each activity we perform.

Then, we conduct a cloud migration of your website with minimum disruption of its existing operation, keeping everything stress-free on your side.

We vigilantly monitor your website health and proactively reach out if a red flag occurs within the portal.

2. We oversee your performance

Once your website is on our cloud infrastructure, we can closely scan its overall health scores. You will start seeing our initial communication via the portal about your website status.

You’ll receive real support from real humans, allowing you to take the guesswork out of running your website. Year-round support from our in-house research team is also on hand for your complex questions at no extra cost.

3. We keep you informed

At the initial stage, we conduct a full audit of your website and keep you informed of which aspect we can tap into. A comprehensive improvement plan will be offered to you to take action.

We’ll reach out regularly with website performance updates. If you have pressing questions that can’t wait, we’ll get back to you in one business day or less.

You can still run your business as normal without any obstruction from this collaboration.

4. We help you improve

Along with the subscription package, if you decide to take action on our add-on products for improvement, the production team will do the implementation for you.

All activities of the managed services within the subscription plan will be performed regularly to make sure your business is on the right track to succeed against the industry benchmarks.

Still not sure and need help!

We are always here to help you make a right decision. Send your questions to