Infographic: Good and Bad Medical Website Designs and Examples

The design of the medical website plays an important role, because the patient’s first impression is crucial for the stay or leave decision. However, not many medical website designs have right features and good visual to retain customer attention.
Good And Bad Medical Website Design-Featured Image
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With the development of technology, health care services are now online. More and more customers choose websites as their first destination when considering the choice of medical service providers. So designing a website properly and appropriately is a must.

Based on each type of website, there will be different requirements. Though there are many different kinds of medical website, we see most often these 5 below:

Healthcare-Good And Bad Medical Website Designs And Examples
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Common Problems to Avoid

To have a website that provides full information and eye-catching look, here are some things to avoid when designing medical websites.

Healthcare-Good And Bad Medical Website Design And Examples 2
Image Credit: Envzone

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