Lessons from 15 years of teaching story splitting

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Online Virtual Agile User Group

WHEN: Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Since publishing “Patterns for Splitting User Stories” in 2007 and following up a few years later with the wildly popular “How to Split a User Story” flowchart, Richard Lawrence has taught thousands of people how to find good vertical slices for their backlogs. This enormous body of practice has revealed some important lessons about what works and what doesn’t in story splitting.

You can find Richard’s story splitting patterns and flowchart in the comprehensive “Humanizing Work Guide to SplittingUser Stories” at https://www.humanizingwork.com/the-humanizing-work-guide-to-splitting-user-stories/. Instead of repeating that content, this session will dive into the key lessons Richard has learned in a decade and a half of helping practitioners apply story splitting in a variety of real world contexts.


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